The scale is a liar!

October 24, 2017


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If you’re on a fat loss journey, please know that can, at times, be different than a weight loss journey.

A body weight scale can be a dirty dirty liar. There can be many reasons your weight fluctuates while your body fat is going the opposite way.
– carbs: our bodies need water to break down carbs. Eat more carbs, retain water (weight). Eat fewer carbs, drop water (weight). You see those “lose 7 pounds in 7 days” signs? Yeah, stop eating carbs and sugar and you’ll drop (water) weight very quickly… But then you’ll level out and need to focus on actual fat loss.
– muscle: have you been exercising to lose fat? Awesome! Keep in mind, our bodies need water (weight) to repair and build muscle. And, you’re (new) muscles will add weight if their own. Bonus, your new muscles will burn calories for you!
– food: have you gone potty today? Did you weigh after eating/drinking? A bottle of water weighs (about) a pound. So, you can easily see how even just weighing before you use the rest room, or after just drinking water can make a difference.
There are more factors outside of fat loss/gain which can also effect the scale.
The scale (can be) a good way to monitor your overall weight of course. But, keep an eye on how your clothes fit, how you feel, and how you look in the mirror. Those can be true indicators of fat loss.