The Divided Diet

October 31, 2017

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So, you’re ready to kick off your new “diet” tomorrow, but you have no idea where to start. You don’t want to take the time to scan and log everything you eat. You don’t really even want to have to change your lifestyle all (that) much.
If you’re a professional athlete, stop reading. Otherwise, give this a shot – just break your day up with (maximum) calories goals. Start with what I’ve given you here. For breakfast, eat (no more than) 250 calories. For lunch, eat (no more than) 500 calories. For dinner, eat (no more than) 750 calories. And, if you get hungry here and there throughout the day, sprinkle in 3 snacks with (no more than) 100 calories each. Guess what, those 3 – 100 calories snacks, could even be wine/beer with dinner, if you want. Heck, they could go with breakfast… Just let me know how you got a job that let’s you drink beer with your cheerios 🤣
Weigh yourself the morning before you start your new life. Then, try your new “diet” for 1 week and hop back on the scale and check your progress. If the scale dropped, awesome, keep going! If it happened to go up, don’t sweat it. Just adjust your intake in some way. Maybe knock off a snack or two. Then try again for a week and reevaluate. You may find, after a month, you’re on a completely different track than where you started. But, if you’re losing, you’re winning 👍💪👏🔥