Get Started Living Lean

I want to first let you know, none of the links below are to “diet plans” or “meal plans” or pills or anything else of that nature. I do not sell anything on my site. I only built this site to offer tips on how you too can Live Lean all on your own by simply making good choices.

Many people ask how I did/do it and want to know how they can get started on their own journey to living lean. Below I have listed links to a few different ways you can get started on your own journey. I would also offer that if you really want to make a lifelong change in your health, whichever plan you pick, you will want to try your very best to make this a lifestyle change and not just a temporary “diet”. If you go “on” a diet, you will eventually go “off” that diet and be right back where you are/were. So, the best tip I can offer is find a lifestyle you enjoy and can live with.

“CICO” – Calories In Calories Out (calorie tracking) –

“Keto” – this is a not a full Ketosis Diet, but it gets you started –

“Divided Diet” – this is something I “made up” –