Snacks, Treats, and Cheats

November 2, 2017

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We always here about cheat days, or sneaking treats, or many other variations. What it all boils down to is, our bodies burn calories for us to live, breathe and move. Whether we want to or not, if we’re breathing, we’re burning calories. You may not count calories, but your body does.
You’ve probably fallen off diets, or just not started diets because you can’t have that 1 favorite food/drink of yours. Well, let me fix that for you – have that favorite food or drink… Every. Freaking. Day. If you want.

Just factor it in to your daily calories. You want a 210 calorie Snickers bar? Go for it! If that will help you keep on your Lean Life the rest of the day/week/life – go for it! If your caloric limit is 1800 for the day, you still have 1590 calories for the rest of your food for the day. Want to enjoy a couple of beers each night? Do it – just take it from your daily calories.
Do take caution in the quantity of your “snack” foods, because they tend to be less filling than your more protein or fiber dense foods. But that doesn’t mean you can have (any). It’s all about #balance