Reasons you’re not losing weight

October 20, 2017

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So, you’re tracking everything you consume, but you’re still not losing. There are 2 reasons this can happen.
First, and quickest, fix – you’ve lost weight to a point where what used to be a deficit is now your maintenance level. It does kind of suck, but the truth is, as we lose weight our bodies need fewer calories to operate. As a result, we have to go to an even lower deficit. Over the course of losing 100 lbs, my deficit went from 2200 calories a day to about 1600 calories a day. But hey, that means we’re healthier 👍🔥 – and, there’s a way we can bring our caloric needs back up, but in a good way… I’ll post about that in the near future.
Second, and a little harder to sometimes figure out – hidden calories. Yep, you logged what your favorite restaurant says is the calories for your favorite meal. Awesome! But guess what, the old cook quit and the new cook has been sneaking a little extra cheese and dressing on your salad and a little extra butter on your burger bun. Also, that glass of wine you have with dinner… Is a little larger than what you think it is. Those healthy eggs you have for breakfast, don’t forget the oil/butter you cook them in. Hey, you went for a run today, you freaking rock! Your app said you burned 400 calories… That’s perfect because your favorite ice cream is… 400 calories! Except, that means 1) all the exercise you just did is (at very least) pointless now because you ate it all back in 1 snack/meal. And 2) there is a good chance your exercise app is overestimating your burn. Unless you’re training for a marathon, I would never suggest eating back any more than 1/2 what you burned… IF you eat any back at all.
Basically, if you’re at a plateau, you may need to reduce your intake goal, or check for hidden calories throughout your day.