NuGo Stronger Bar – Peanut Cluster and Caramel Pretzel

Cal: 155* | Fat: 6g* | Carb: 18g* | Fiber: 5g* | Sugar: 6g* | Protein: 13*

* = booooooo (1/2 bar)

I picked these up yesterday thinking, caramel pretzel and peanut cluster… YUM! I was in kind of a hurry off-loading trucks at work, so I quickly ran in, grabbed the caramel pretzel, took a few pictures, then I ran back out to get back to work. As I was heading back out, already eating on the bar, I started looking closer at the nutrition label and quickly zoomed in on the “1/2” column. Why is there a “1/2” column? … “servings per container: 2″… WHAT?! Who in the world would call 1/2 a bar a “serving”?! That’s terrible! I mean, come on, if you’re going to call 1/2 the PACKAGE a serving, then at least package it as 2 bars. You tout 145 calories in nice big bold letters on the packaging, so you (probably) know you’re targeting a health conscious crowd and yet you’re going to slyly put “servings 2” on the back of the package?! Sheesh. Well, enough with the rant (I guess). On to the bars. Honestly – not even because I’m not happy with what I feel is deceptive marketing – I would rate these a 5 out of 10. Right in the middle of road. The weren’t wonderful, but they weren’t gross. They were somewhat flavorless. Kind of a cardboard texture. And not much of a strong flavor anywhere in the bar. I went ahead and finished off the first bar (caramel pretzel) as my “lunch”. Then, I had a bite out of the second bar (peanut cluster), just to trial it and then I pitched it. Being that it too was a 5 out of 10 like the caramel pretzel, I didn’t see a need in wasting my calorie “allowance” on it in the future. If it’s a choice between these or a snickers… I guess I’d go with these simply due to the protein content. Otherwise, I’d look for something else at the store.