New To Protein Shakes

September 11, 2017

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Are you new to protein drinks? My first and most important suggestion… Experiment! (If) the manufacturer has a pre-mixed version, I would always suggest trying the pre-mixed version first, since that’s (probably) going to be their best attempt at the flavor. If they don’t have a pre-mixed version, personally, I always try my shakes with water first, to give me a base to compare to. Then I’ll mix the shake with various milks until I find my favorite mix. Water or cashew milk tend to be (my) favorite mixers.
Next, although Chike is my favorite protein powder, there (are) other powders out there. I must stress, try as many as you can, until you find (at least) 1 or 2 go-to’s for you. Personally, I like whey based powders with water, but my wife doesn’t like whey based powders at all – she prefers vegetable based protein powders (Vega) with cows milk as her mixer. So, we keep both in the house.
Don’t think you must like what “everyone else” likes. You do you. Maybe you don’t like protein drinks at all – and that’s ok too.
Are protein drinks (needed) to lose weight? Nope. Not 1 bit. I lost my first 30 or so lbs without even trying my first shake. For me, protein drinks are an awesome lower calorie way to get some tummy filling protein in my diet. Plus they are super quick to drink when in a hurry.