Lean Choices Subway Edition

August 7, 2017

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I remember seeing those commercials back in the day where (that guy) lost a bunch of weight eating sandwiches. And I thought, awesome, I like sandwiches, I can do that too… But, I didn’t know why or how he lost all that weight. More than likely, he wasn’t eating the 1200 calorie 12″ that I picked. Plus he probably didn’t have the 200 calorie chips and 200 calorie soda for a grand total of 1600 calories… In 1 sitting… For 1 meal…
I’ve seen other comparison pics which list choices in red or green, as good or bad. I list calories all in 1 color because I now know, there are no “bad” choices. It really just depends how you manage your Calories throughout the day. I could still have that 1600 calorie meal… But that’s probably all I will eat that day. Instead, I now choose the 200 calorie salad and have other items to eat throughout the day as well.
I listed the salad here as Chopped and without dressing because, when they mince those veggies, it ends up making its own natural dressing for me.