Forget about it!

July 5, 2017

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One thing that has helped me during my journey so far is to forget everything I’ve learned. No, not everything I’ve learned about weight loss and getting lean – everything else I learned over the last 40 years (unknowingly) about how to GAIN weight. When I first began my journey I was absolutely lost and, honestly, didn’t know how to eat most foods without using a carb as a vessel to get food in my mouth. So, for about the first month, my main go-to meal was eggs (many different ways) with spinach and salsa. And, my 2nd go-to was salads with salsa as dressing or lemon juice as dressing. Because, after all, that’s about all you can eat without a carb vessel, right? Wrong. I’ve since learned a TON of foods I can eat in a much more lean way. I can’t really download everything I’ve learned into this post, but if you follow me on social media, I try my best to post what I eat in case it helps. Now that I’m 10 months in, I have re-taught myself how to eat and how to do so in a more lean fashion. So yeah, it’s confusing and a little scary and intimidating when you first begin, but all I can say is to open your mind back up to ANYTHING! Whatever you thought of as “meals” in the past, just forget it and explore new foods and new meals. Explore new parts of the grocery store you’re not used to visiting. Have things you used to think of as dinner, for breakfast. Have breakfast items for dinner. Explore new parts of restaurant menus that you don’t usually order from. Heck – Order (off the menu) items. Most restaurants are more than happy to customize your meal(s) to your preferences. You’ll be surprised at all the new foods you might find. I’m not going to wish you luck, because, you don’t need luck – you got this! Go and have fun re-learning your NEW favorites!