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Fit Crunch Bar

April 20, 2017

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A family friend suggested I try the Fit Crunch bar, and I’m glad she did, it was good! It has a real good blend of flavors. No one flavor over powers the others. And, it’s the first “crunch” labeled protein bar I’ve tried that actually has a true crunch to it.


FitJoy Protein Bar

February 14, 2017

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Cal: 230 | Fat: 8g | Carb: 23g | Fiber: 11g | Sugar: 3g | Protein: 20g (frosted cinnamon roll)

This morning I decided to give the FitJoy Protein Bars a try. I picked up the Frosted Cinnamon and Chocolate Iced Brownie. It looks like they have about 10 different flavors, but these were the two I found locally. I started with the Chocolate Iced Brownie, which has a rather dense texture. It’s not quite as dense as a Quest Protein Bar, but still more dense than a brownie you might eat otherwise. It isn’t overly sweet, more of a subtle brownie flavor. Personally, I’d probably give it a 5 out of 10 stars. Next I tried the Frosted Cinnamon Roll.  After trying the Oh Yeah! One Cinnamon Roll Bar I had pretty high hopes for this bar. And… it’s not a One Bar. It is “OK”, maybe a 6 out of 10. While it had a cinnamon aftertaste, I would be hard pressed to say it was a cinnamon roll bar. It was rather gummy and dense. I guess it might be like the center of a cinnamon roll that was under-cooked, yet over-cooked at the same time. As mentioned above, they have 8 other flavors. I’ll probably try them, if I happen across them, but I probably won’t be searching high and low for them.


Power Crunch Bar – Triple Chocolate

February 12, 2017

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Cal: 205 | Fat: 13g | Carb: 10g | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 5g | Protein: 16g

A friend gave me one of these Power Crunch Bars a while back and it took me a little while to get a chance to try it out. I’ve finally had an opportunity to give this a try and… O – M – G! This thing is GOOD! These remind me of one of my all time light crisp flavor cookies – any type of Wafer Cookies.I have always enjoyed the light thin wafer crunch surrounded by the nice chocolaty flavor. With the name “triple chocolate” it really does have a darker chocolate flavor, which is good. I give this bar a 9 out of 10 for me when it comes to dessert type bars. I would eat this even if I wasn’t on a journey to lean. I will without a doubt be trying the other flavors Power Crunch has to offer.

Carb Killa Grenade Bars

February 10, 2017

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Cal: 220 | Fat: 8g | Carb: 21g | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 2g | Protein: 22g
(white chocolate cookie flavor)

I saw someone mention that Carb Killa Grenade Bars were a key part of their journey to lean, so I have been searching high and low for them. I finally found them at a corporate GNC store. I would give these an 8 out of 10 for protein bars. They have decent stats and there are multiple flavors which are all very good. The Chocolate Cream flavor was a pretty smooth bar. It’s just as it says, chocolate with a slight cream flavor. I was hoping the White Chocolate Cookie would have more of a cookies and cream flavor than it did, but it was still good. I would say it was 90% white with 10% cookie crumb flavor. The Caramel Chaos was probably my favorite. It had a slight crunch and a slight caramel flavor to go with the chocolate outer coating. The Chocolate Crunch version was actually very similar to the Chocolate Cream flavor, with just a slightly richer cream undertone. It really didn’t have as much “crunch” as you might think a “crunch” titled bar would have. Every now and then I would get a little crunch, but not nearly what I had thought. Overall, I would suggest these to those on their journey to lean. The Pure Protein Bars was previously my top protein “candy bar”, but I would say these have taken over the top spot. The store I have to buy them from is not just around the corner. While I don’t know if I would go out of my way to get these, the next time I’m in the area of that store, I will be sure to grab a box full or so to stock up.


NuGo Stronger Bar – Peanut Cluster and Caramel Pretzel

Cal: 155* | Fat: 6g* | Carb: 18g* | Fiber: 5g* | Sugar: 6g* | Protein: 13*

* = booooooo (1/2 bar)

I picked these up yesterday thinking, caramel pretzel and peanut cluster… YUM! I was in kind of a hurry off-loading trucks at work, so I quickly ran in, grabbed the caramel pretzel, took a few pictures, then I ran back out to get back to work. As I was heading back out, already eating on the bar, I started looking closer at the nutrition label and quickly zoomed in on the “1/2” column. Why is there a “1/2” column? … “servings per container: 2″… WHAT?! Who in the world would call 1/2 a bar a “serving”?! That’s terrible! I mean, come on, if you’re going to call 1/2 the PACKAGE a serving, then at least package it as 2 bars. You tout 145 calories in nice big bold letters on the packaging, so you (probably) know you’re targeting a health conscious crowd and yet you’re going to slyly put “servings 2” on the back of the package?! Sheesh. Well, enough with the rant (I guess). On to the bars. Honestly – not even because I’m not happy with what I feel is deceptive marketing – I would rate these a 5 out of 10. Right in the middle of road. The weren’t wonderful, but they weren’t gross. They were somewhat flavorless. Kind of a cardboard texture. And not much of a strong flavor anywhere in the bar. I went ahead and finished off the first bar (caramel pretzel) as my “lunch”. Then, I had a bite out of the second bar (peanut cluster), just to trial it and then I pitched it. Being that it too was a 5 out of 10 like the caramel pretzel, I didn’t see a need in wasting my calorie “allowance” on it in the future. If it’s a choice between these or a snickers… I guess I’d go with these simply due to the protein content. Otherwise, I’d look for something else at the store.