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Happy Re-Birthday to Me

September 12, 2017

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On Monday, September 12, 2016, I weighed-in at 297 lbs and was excited to start a weight loss journey (for the millionth time of course). I really didn’t expect this time to be much different than my past results. backstory – skip to next paragraph if you like – leading up to a trip we took to Disney last year, I was (1) having internal imbalances (aka, I was a freaking yeast factory). So, I found a “cleanse” pill on Amazon which was supposed to cleanse me of the yeast. Part of the instructions were that I could not (should not) have sugar or carbs in order for the cleanse to work. To be honest, I truly don’t know if the cleanse worked, or just losing 100 lbs worked. Back to my story; Also leading up to our trip, I had (2) contemplated in my mind a few times having a discussion with my 9 year old son about being the man of the house in case Daddy wasn’t around… because, apparently I accepted my overweight fate and what it (could) mean. That was a huge internal struggle for me, and a major push to also lose weight. So, we went on this trip to DW and I was already geared up to take this cleanse and start this clean(er) diet (read: temporary) when I got home. However, while on our trip, I was taking pics and posting to social media (as we do). Then, walking along I got (3) a text from my Aunt saying she saw my pictures and was concerned about my weight and asked how she could help in my journey to a healthier me. At first I was taken back – Here I am at the happiest place on earth and you’re texting about my weight, WTH?! But, as I walked more (cause’ that’s what you do there, you walk… a lot), I realized that she’s been through this struggle herself, and she’s actually asking from a place of caring, AND, she was one of the first to actually ask how she could roll up her sleeves and help. So, 3 strikes and I was out! It was time to really give it a push and make it happen.

That began a long string of texts and motivation and encouragement from my Aunt. She started me on this “diet” (read: way of life), which was very similar to what the candida cleanse needed – so, it worked out perfect. Little did I know, this way of life was Keto (click for info). At the time, I knew nothing about… anything, when it came to dieting. So, I rolled with what she was telling me and it worked AWESOME! I do know some people agree/disagree with some of these principles, but I’ll tell you what she guided me towards –

1) No bread/carbs. I didn’t know what carbs were, but I just kind of guessed at no bread, no tortillas, nothing fried, no rice, no pasta, no pastries – and nothing else I could look at and think to myself “that’s a bread thing”.
2) No sugar. Again, I didn’t have guidelines other than I knew, no candy… and, no candy. Cutting out the carbs already took out most spreads and syrups.
*3) No fruit. This is a tricky one as many people will say “but it’s a natural sugar”. I agree. However, it also starts my sweets cravings, so it was easier just to say no.
*4) Only water – lots of water. Again, many will say tea, coffee, or diet sodas are “OK”. This is true, but since I really wanted this to stick, I saw anything other than water as a “gateway drink”.
*I have re-introduced the above 2 items back into my diet (read: way of life), in small amounts
5) Cheese. Yes, but small amounts due to being a high calorie item.
6) Avacado, YES! Again though, watch the calories.
7) Veggies, yes!
8) Meat, yes.
9) Protein drinks (only caveat to water)

So, that was what I started with, and for about a month (or so), that was all I knew – and I dropped about about 30 lbs with just that. Then, I started researching and started learning about “net carbs”, which opened a whole new world of products to me (frozen dinners, protein bars). And, about a month after that I started learning about Calories In Calories Out or CICO (click for info). I now follow about 80% keto, but then also give myself about 20% CICO so I’m not as pinned down and stuck with having “no fun”. Sure, I’ll have a piece of cake at a birthday party now, but I’ll ask the host to cut a piece in half, then I’ll only have half of that half. If I go to dinner with my wife, we might share a dessert, but we’ll share half, and take the other half home. If my kids decide to make cookies, I’ll split 1 cookie with someone. Now, there are somethings I still have a hard time with, so I just don’t go there (candy bars). There’s no way I’m sharing my candy bar with any one. So, I’ll just not eat candy bars. Or, if I do, I’ll be sure it fits my CICO for the day – which is a huge chunk.

I lost my 100 lbs. But I have been absolutely stuck at this mid 190’s for a while now. So, I’m calling today my re-birthday. I reset my flair. I’m no longer that 300 lb guy. I’m now the 195 lb guy trying to lose 20 or 30 lbs. So, let’s do it! Come on KaheFan, you’ve done it before, you can do it again!

tldr: I was 300 lbs. I was a yeast factory. I was “ok” with not living. My Aunt gave me guidance to keto. I learned about CICO. I’m now starting anew at 195 lbs.

Back to the basics

April 20, 2017

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When I began my journey in September, I decided I would weigh-in once a week and I was not tracking calories at the time, I was just eating leaner. I didn’t skip tracking because I didn’t want to, I simply didn’t know to. However, I was losing, and I was losing quickly. Since then though, I’ve began tracking, and then I’ve began weighing in more than once a week… even more than once a day! I’ve noticed I haven’t been dropping as fast since then though. Now, I understand, as I lose, it gets harder TO lose simply because I don’t need as many calories to push around less and less (and less) weight than I used to push around. BUT, I’ve began to wonder if my slow(er) loss is not also a mental game. A couple of weeks ago, I went on a 5 day trip where I did not have a scale, so I was “flying blind”. I was absolutely sure I had gained weight on the trip. I got home and stepped on the scale… I had lost 7 pounds!! What?! Again, I know there were factors which led to this. But, I (think) seeing the ups and downs of daily (multiple times) effected my food intake. I would come back from a run sometimes and see I had lost 2 pounds, or so, and think “YAY! I can eat… the kitchen!!”, when really that was mostly all water weight. So, I have decided to put the scale up and only weigh-in once a week again and see if that makes any difference. I don’t know that I would ever go back to not logging, simply because I like to know where I stand. But again, when I didn’t log, I tended to eat more conservatively, because I didn’t know where I stood. And, now that I do log, even though I may be full some days, I will see a caloric deficit and think “I guess that means I can (and need to) eat more.” When, in reality, if I’m satiated, I should be OK with the slight extra deficit.

My Progress (start 302.3)

February 6, 2017

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Wow, where to begin. I wish I would have started this 21 weeks ago when I first started my journey. (take that as a hint, if you’re starting your journey). But I didn’t so, let’s try to play catch-up over the last 20 weeks. Well, to begin, we’ll play 39 year catch up… I was born —> fast forward —> I weigh 302 pounds and am in a bad spot with my health. Then, towards the end of 2016, my family took a trip to Disney – which I was somewhat dreading personally due to my weight. During the trip, I was posting pictures to social media, as people do, and an aunt reached out to me by text asking how she could help with my journey.

To be honest, at first I was a little taken back – What in the world, I’m trying to enjoy a trip with my family and you’re texting about my weight?! But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the text was sent with 100% love and support. And, she was one of the first to actually ask how she can help. Sure, many comment and many are supportive, but she asked how she can roll up her sleeves and help.  I had planned on using Disney as my “final splurge” and to kick off a diet when I got home anyway, so she was really helping me reinforce that. And let me tell you, she has been an absolute Godsend during my journey. Not only has she helped, but I also have a friend I chat with daily about our WL journeys.  To that I will add, FIND A FRIEND! If at all possible, find someone who will be dedicated with you that you can keep each other accountable.

So, that was how my journey began on Sept 12th, 2016. From there, I took pointers from my aunt on how to stay away from carbs and sugar and how to focus on protein to get me lean. Now, I’m hoping to use some of these tips to help others. As of this posting, 21 weeks into my journey, I weighed in this morning at 234.2 – down 67 pounds (or so) and, let me tell you, it feels GREAT! And, I’m only/already half way to my goal weight.

I’ll be updating this blog stream with my weekly weigh-ins.

High: 302.3 Aug-15-16

Begin: 297 Sep-12-16
Week 01: 289 (-8.0)
Week 02: 282.2 (-6.8)
Week 03: 280.4 (-1.8)
Week 04: 276.2 (-4.2)
Week 05: 275.7 (-0.5)
Week 06: 272.9 (-2.8)
Week 07: 269.2 (-3.7)
Week 08: 263.3 (-5.9)
Week 09: 262.1 (-1.2)
Week 10: 256.8 (-5.3)
Week 11: 256.3 (-0.5)
Week 12: 250.2 (-6.1)
Week 13: 254.0 (+3.8) It happens
Week 14: 248.3 (-5.7) Back on track
Week 15: 246.6 (-1.7)
Week 16: 242.3 (-4.3)
Week 17: 242.7 (+0.4)
Week 18: 241.3 (-1.4)
Week 19: 236.6 (-4.7)
Week 20: 236.1 (-0.5)
Week 21: 234.1 (-2.0)
Week 22: 232.4 (-1.7)
Week 23: 231.9 (-0.5)
Week 24: 226.5 (-5.4)
Week 25: 225.1 (-1.4)
Week 26: 222.2 (-2.9)
Week 27: 224.9 (+2.7) Ugh – I started really hitting the treadmill and lifting this week.
Week 28: 223.8 (-1.1) Hit 109,000 steps on FitBit!
Week 29: 216.4 (-7.4) And, another 100K step week!
Week 30: 215.5 (-0.9)
Week 31: 215.4 (-0.1) Considering my Easter lunch, I’ll take it!
Week 32: 215.3 (-0.1) Ugh. I guess down is down though.
Week 33: 213.4 (-1.9)
Week 34: 209.5 (-3.9)
Week 35: 209.2 (-0.3)
Week 36: 207.9 (-1.3)
Week 37: 204.4 (-3.5) Getting back to running after a couple week down with an injury.
Week 38: 204.0 (-.4)
Week 39: 202.4 (-1.6)
Week 40: 201.1 (-1.3)
Week 41: 197.8 (-3.3) ONEDERLAND!
Week 42: 196.1 (-1.7) Down 100 lbs since I started on 9/12/16!
Week 43: 195.7 (-0.4)
Week 44: 194.4 (-1.3)
Week 45: 195.6 (+1.2)
Week 46: 205.6 (+10.0)
Week 47: 199.2 (-6.4)
Week 48: 194.1 (-5.1) (-0.3 from lowest) – Back on track. I lost all the weight from my “break week”, and now I’m at a new low.
Week 49: 193.0 (-1.1)
Week 50: 198.4 (+5.4) Pushed my walking/jogging last week, so I have a feeling I’m retaining water.
Week 51: 197.8 (-0.6)
Week 52: 197.4 (-0.4) 1 Year since I began at 297.0 lbs. – Down a total of 99.6 lbs

Year 2
I’m using this as a kickoff a renewal of my daily diet. Over the year I’ve relaxed here and there on various aspects. So, I’m taking this moment to kick it back in gear!