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Wow, where to begin. I wish I would have started this 21 weeks ago when I first started my journey. If you’re starting you’re journey, take notes and pictures along the way when you find successes, and even when you find failures. Others WILL ask about your journey and it’s awesome to be able to help share from your own journey. But I didn’t start with notes from the beginning so, let’s try to play catch-up over the last 20 weeks. Well, to begin, we’ll play 39 year catch up… I was born —> fast forward —> I weigh 302 pounds and am in a bad spot with my health. Then, towards the end of 2016, my family took a trip to Disney – which I was somewhat dreading personally due to my weight. During the trip, I was posting pictures to social media, as people do, and an aunt reached out to me by text asking how she could help with my journey.

To be honest, at first I was a little taken back – What in the world, I’m trying to enjoy a trip with my family and you’re texting about my weight?! But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the text was sent with 100% love and support. And, she was one of the first to actually ask how she can help. Sure, many comment and many are supportive, but she asked how she can roll up her sleeves and help.  I had planned on using Disney as my “final splurge” and to kick off a diet when I got home anyway, so she was really helping me reinforce that. And let me tell you, she has been an absolute Godsend during my journey. Not only has she helped, but I also have a friend I chat with daily about our WL journeys.  To that I will add, FIND A FRIEND! If at all possible, find someone who will be dedicated with you that you can keep each other accountable.

So, that was how my journey began on Sept 12th, 2016. From there, I took pointers from my aunt on how to stay away from carbs and sugar and how to focus on protein to get me lean. Now, I’m hoping to use some of these tips to help others.

If you follow Calories In Calories Out (CICO), then you can pretty much eat whatever you want. However, when I first began, there were some very easy “no” foods and “yes” foods that helped me with my journey. I found these rules kept me full most of the time and helped keep the cravings down, and in some cases, got rid of some of my cravings altogether.  I no longer have carbs cravings. It took about 2 – 3 weeks to break my soda cravings. And, I’m still waiting to break my sugar cravings.

  • Veggies: Yes
  • Fruits: No
  • Cheese: Very little (calories)
  • Avacado: Yes! (watch calories)
  • Eggs: Yes
  • Meat/Protein: Yes
  • Sweets/Treats: No
  • Bread/Tortillas: No
  • Only drink water (A LOT of water), protein drinks or (low sodium) V-8. This is really a rule for me. For me, I can see any other drink(s) becoming a “gateway” drink, so I try to just stick to water.

Above are some general guidelines I used. However, I would also add, don’t look at meals or food in “conventional” ways either. Part of what got me to my overweight life, was being full and thinking I still needed to eat a big dinner, or that I must finish everything on my plate. There are many times now that 3 pieces of hard salami is dinner. Or, 4 ounces of ham may be dinner. If I’m satisfied, it’s OK to stop eating and save the rest for later. Or, if I’ve eaten part of a cookie, it’s “OK” to throw the rest away. And, I’ve also tried to start looking at food in a different way as well. I try to look at food as nourishment now instead of entertainment.

To sum it up: “No” carb, “No” sugar. Eat less than your daily maintenance calories (see next step below).

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